• DT Buddha Color Splash


    This Buddha in meditation Dog Tag is rich and vibrant in color. Just as the real Buddha, this piece has deep meaning, layers and the more you look at it, the more it inspires you. The meaning of Buddha in meditation means you are open to welcoming peace into your life. It also means that you are open to slow things down a bit and calm your life from all the hectic chaos there is today. I always keep a statue, image or trinket of the Buddha in meditation, on me to remind me to take the time and capture life's moments. A moment of stillness, peace and calmness. It's important to have balance in your life. If you'd like a little history about Buddha, please read on, if not scroll down for the details of this necklace.

    Lord Buddha or the "enlightened one" or the "awakened one" has quite the back story as many of you know. My favorite thing about Buddha is that he earned his title. He was not born into royalty or as a God by any means. Lord Buddha was born a Bodhisattva or one who is on the path to attain Buddhahood. He acquired his status by following the Four Noble Truths. He put himself on his own path to spirituality while gaining perfection of the qualities of generosity, discipline, renunciation, wisdom, energy, endurance, truthfulness, determination, benevolence and perfect equanimity. Lord Buddha is quite the figure to align your own spirituality this. After studying Buddhism for the past eighteen years, knowing that there is no real perfection in life, I only wish that I have a small fraction of his perseverance, patience and true understanding of this world we live in. I want to feel his "perfection" that he achieved himself. He brings me peace and fills my heart with joy. If you are interested in Buddhism or the Buddhist religion please follow the blue links and keep an open mind.

    About Dog Tags

    Dog Tags measures 2” x 1.25” and hang on a 12"-14" adjustable silver or gold chain (as seen in picture). If you would like your chain shorter or longer please note this while placing your order and consider it done.

    The Process - How it's Made

    The process used on these tags will never be revealed completely. We take a designed image and place it onto a special & rare paper. It is then heated to a certain degree melting the image onto the tag. Sometimes we cover the entire tag with this process and other times like this we use special formulated paints to surround the image. The paint is put on in coats and filed, buffed and sometimes even carved to give it that weathered and/or textured look. We then use a special coating/sealant protecting the art from any damage that may occur while making the dog tag smooth to the touch. This also makes the tag easy to clean.

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