• DT The Lotus Om

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    All Dog Tags measure 1.25" x 2" and hang on a 12"-14" adjustable silver or gold chain (as seen in picture). If you would like your chain shorter or longer please note this while placing your order and consider it done.

    This Dog tag has Om/Aum in the middle of a Lotus. A Lotus represents growth, purity and birth or rebirth. For information regarding the Lotus please click here. Om or Aum is a string of sounds that mean enlightenment, past-present-future and for more information click here. Om is frequently used in meditation. There are several chants used in meditation one of the most popular being Om Namah Shivaya or Om Shanti Shanti.

    Here is an informational site that simply shares short descriptions on the top five Sanskrit words every yogi should know. Popular Sanskrit words.

    A special paper and heating process is used to melt the image on the tag. Surrounding the image are special paints to make the piece look weathered or worn, to bring out the colors in the main design and to give the piece a textured effect while smooth to the touch. It is topped off with a unique clear coat to protect the image as well as keeping it clean and allowing you to clean it. Like all jewelry do not wear in water for its' protection.