• DT Tutankhamun Collage

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    This tag features the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun in a collage that includes pyramids and other Egyptian related symbols. Otherwise known as King Tut, Tutankhamun translate to "Living Image of Amun". He is known for being the ruler of Egypt's "New Age", which took place during the 18th dynasty. He was adored, worshiped and very powerful.

    This piece is vibrant with color and chaotically balanced. This necklace will definitely become a conversation piece so be prepared to explain it's meaning in all it's glory. It actually presents you with the opportunity to teach people a little something they may not know. I believe that wearing this piece is paying homage to King Tut and Egyptian history. You can feel the pride, the power, the loyalty and all this stands for in one piece of jewelry. That's an accomplishment.

    About Dog Tags

    Dog Tags measures 2” x 1.25” and hang on a 12"-14" adjustable silver or gold chain (as seen in picture). If you would like your chain shorter or longer please note this while placing your order and consider it done.

    The Process - How it's Made

    The process used on these tags will never be revealed completely. We take a designed image and place it onto a special & rare paper. It is then heated to a certain degree melting the image onto the tag. Sometimes we cover the entire tag with this process and other times like this we use special formulated paints to surround the image. The paint is put on in coats and filed, buffed and sometimes even carved to give it that weathered and/or textured look. We then use a special coating/sealant protecting the art from any damage that may occur while making the dog tag smooth to the touch. This also makes the tag easy to clean.

    To protect & care for your jewelry AR Jewelry advises the following:

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    • When cleaning your jewelry we advise a simple jewelry cloth that you can find at any jewelry store, drugstore or anywhere that sells jewelry. (AR Jewelry will begin to sell them within the next few months).
    • If you have a tough piece of jewelry that is heavily tarnished and the cloth won't work we advise you to use a simple cleaner. Nothing expensive or fancy needed. They are typically the same. Use as needed and follow the instructions exactly.
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