• You Got This - black

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    On a 16" adjustable silver chain coated and sealed in black hangs a circular pendant with the words "You Got This" stamped into the silver and filled with black to stand out. When we say its adjustable we mean it can be almost any length you would like but 16" is the maximum hanging length.

    The circle represents the past, present & future. It also represents wholeness, completion and/or the circle of life. 

    You can wrap the chain for a layered look or leave it long for simplicity. The circle represents the past present and future and to me means wholeness as well as continuation and consistency. The circle in itself is a very powerful symbol but the message we are trying to get through is for you to know You Got This or to pass the message along that You Got This. For the sake of you and others this necklace represents that the task or situation at hand is handled. You Got This.

    I suppose it is how you interrupt the words. Whether you are supporting yourself and wearing this as a reminder the You Got This or it is a simple message to others by telling them You Got This, the message itself is pretty clear no matter how confusing I can describe it!

    AR Jewelry designs pieces that can have several uses. We do use the traditional lengths on half of our pieces but we like to keep the other half unique and versatile. This way the consumer has more options. If you want a specific length please contact us or special order your very own piece. Some of the options you have with the length are as follows; wrap it around twice and layer it, leave it long for simplicity or add another necklace for layering, wrap it several times around to create a unique bracelet or anklet and you can even use it as a headband. You can also leave it long or wrap it around several times to use as a decorative piece for your purse, wallet, a candle wrap or anything you desire. Enjoy Shopping with AR Jewelry. We truly appreciate your support and hope we can support you somehow. If you know how you want us to support you please contact Amy or Ryan at ARProDesigns@yahoo.com and give us the deets.  

    To protect & care for your jewelry AR Jewelry advises the following:

    •  Keep your jewelry stored in a dry room temperature or colder, environment. A jewelry box, a random box, pouch or any container will do. The more humidity you have equals more care.
    • When cleaning your jewelry we advise a simple jewelry cloth that you can find at any jewelry store, drugstore or anywhere that sells jewelry. (AR Jewelry will begin to sell them within the next few months).
    • If you have a tough piece of jewelry that is heavily tarnished and the cloth won't work we advise you to use a simple cleaner. Nothing expensive or fancy needed. They are typically the same. Use as needed and follow the instructions exactly.
    Broken jewelry; if you have a piece of jewelry that is broken we will do our best to repair it. It does not matter where it came from. We charge only for the items needed to repair the item and a flat rate of $2 for all shipping within the US. Just email us with your repair inquiry and we will go from there. It is a very fast process