Welcome to AR Jewelry - Jewelry with a Message

Welcome to AR Jewelry! Enjoy the world of jewelry the way it's meant to be enjoyed.

Whether it's a message of hope, empowerment, inspiration, each piece of AR Jewelry has one. We hope that what inspires us will inspire you. Our company takes pride in creating jewelry that makes you feel confident, happy and of course fashionable.

Each high quality piece is handmade and put through various testing techniques before we release it. AR Jewelry also welcomes special orders and jewelry repairs no matter where the piece came from. If you can't find it here please email us and we will create it for you.It’s important our clients know that our jewelry is eco-friendly and assists in supporting LA Shriner’s Medical Center & the National Lupus Foundation.

To learn more about AR Jewelry please visit our “About Us” page, visit & subscribe to our blog and other social media outlets.

Feel the love, feel the confidence and enjoy shopping – Love Amy


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